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travel pet1

1. Pack plenty of treats, food and toys
If you are driving, bring bottled water for exercise stops.
2. Don't feed your pet a large meal immediately before a long drive
Break meals up throughout the trip to minimize the risk of motion sickness.


travel pet2

3. Don't forget bowls for water and food
4. When dining, look for restaurants with an outdoor patio
Please ask if your pet is allowed - many will welcome you and your four-legged friend.



travel pet3

5. Make sure your pet's leash is easily accessible on driving trips
Never remove your pet's collar (make sure your contact information is on their ID tag).
6. Bring plenty of disposable bags to clean up after your pet



travel pet4

7. Pack your pet's bed, blanket or favorite toy to remind them of home
8. Plan activities with your pet in mind
If an activity cannot include your pet, make alternate plans for your pet in advance (doggie day care, a trip to the groomer, etc.). 


travel pet5

9. Never leave your pet unattended
New surroundings and the stress of traveling can cause your pet to act out in uncharacteristic ways.10. Reward your pet for good behavior in the car, at rest stops and in public places



travel pet6

11. When driving, stop every 3-4 hours to allow your pet to exercise and burn energy
12. Plan your route ahead of time and make your Best Western reservations well in advance
Confirm the pet policy at the time of booking. And remember to have fun!